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Weather For East Lancashire


Staying settled with sunny spells and feeling warm.


Largely dry with some sunny spells mainly in the west. Cloudier further east with the odd isolated light shower possible in the afternoon. Feeling pleasant in any sunshine. Maximum temperature 19 °C.


Dry overnight with any cloud breaking up, leaving clear spells for most. Light winds, and a cool night, particularly under the clear skies. Minimum temperature 5 °C.


Another fine and dry day with plenty of sunshine. Perhaps some fair-weather cloud developing through the afternoon. Feeling warm with light winds. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

High pressure keeps it dry over the weekend and bank holiday. Plenty of sunshine although some scattered cloud possible. Feeling warm with generally light winds but often cool at night.

Updated: 05:00 (UTC+1) on Thu 25 May 2023

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